Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Quality time with the kids...

This past weekend was just crazy all around. Friday night I braced myself for a long, exhausting Saturday and Sunday because Sarah and I took care of her boss' 6 year old twins from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. both days. I decided to take it easy and bring home pizza, especially because we'd had our company outing at work that day.

I sat in the office/TV room to eat my dinner and watch The Simpsons with Mia and for the first time since she was a 6 week old kitten, Mia decided to watch TV with me. Typically it doesn't interest her so she just sits on my computer monitor so she can watch what I'm doing. (That, or beg for me to share my food)

So here is Mia on top of the TV, looking down:

She kept watching the characters go back and forth. But the best was when the Dunkin Donuts commercial came on! She sprang to life and was trying to grab the pouring coffee:

Definitely a cat after Sarah's heart, since she's a coffee addict and I HATE the stuff.

Saturday and Sunday was a lot of fun with the twins. First we went to the depressing Stone Zoo near our house. I wanted to cry the entire time. The part that upset me the most was the Arctic Fox. It looked so unhappy, not to mention it was walking like it was sick and/or had arthritis.

The zoo is in sorry shape overall. Clearly they don't have the money to keep it up. I wish they'd face facts and send the animals to other zoos that can give them proper care and a nicer environment.

After that we went to a local playground where I became a human jungle gym:

I also forgot about what happens when an adult goes to a playground and actually plays with the kids they showed up with: EVERY OTHER KID WANTS TO PLAY TOO! Within 10 minutes I was running back and forth with a trail of about 9 or 10 kids screaming behind me. Then they'd jump on me and I'd be staggering along with kids hanging from my arms and legs.

Sarah, that weasel, sat with all the other parents and laughed at me. Hmph.

Overall it was fun, but let me tell you, when cranky tantrums happen, it made me grateful that at the end of the day I could drop them off at their house and leave the misbehaving for Nana to contend with... heh heh heh...
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