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Living in the Moment...

... Your eyes meet mine and the world disappears. Nothing else matters except the here and now and what we share.

As I hold you close to me I can hear you breathing, your chest rises and falls in sync with mine. I close my eyes as I let my chin rest on the top of your head.

Gently I shift myself so that I can look at your beautiful face. You appear so peaceful. I gingerly trace my index finger on your soft lips, then lower my face to yours to kiss you.

As our lips part, you look up to meet my gaze. The intensity that shines in your pale blue eyes is mesmerizing, almost hypnotic. Slowly I look away, suddenly feeling shy. Or perhaps it's fear.

I settle myself back down, resting my head on your chest. I can feel the slow, steady beat of your heart. Nothing exists for me now except for this moment with you. Our hands are locked together, fingers intertwined. I almost lose touch with where I end and you begin.

I glance at the clock on my dresser. It feels as though time has stood still, but in reality, it is short. Hours have passed as we held each other. I knew it was time to return to "the real world," but I didn't want to. Holding you here I feel complete, comfortable, safe. I dread the ache I know I will feel when I let you go.

I tighten my grip on your hands and I lift my head from your chest. Silently we look at one another, knowing that we have to part for now.

A lump builds in my throat and I feel my eyes mist. Running my fingers through my hair, I steal a glance at you. You appear to be in deep thought, but your face changes as you notice my gaze. A slow smile curls your lips as you reach out and fold me in your arms. Burying my face in your neck I breathe in your scent, imprinting your distinct smell in my memory.

Slowly we stand up and look at each other once more, both of us making a mental photocopy of the other's features... I take in your wide, clear eyes, full lips, sexy labret piercing, short blond hair. I briefly close my eyes and can still see you.

We exchange one final embrace before we leave the house. It is good-bye for now. My heart struggles to accept that. But I know that the time we've shared was meant for us. Living in the moment.

Perhaps our life journey's will someday allow us the fortune of limitless time. The answer lies somewhere in the universe before us and with each passing day, we'll be lead closer to our respective destiny's. Will they be one and the same? Our hearts will tell us, it's a matter of listening, watching, and waiting...

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