Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


By staff, 10/1/2003

It looks like there is going to be frost on the pumpkin in many parts of New England Thursday night and Friday morning.

Communities in central and western parts of the southern New England region could even be hit by a wide-spread freeze.

Around Greater Boston, however, temperatures are expected to stay near 40. The National Weather Service at Taunton issued a special weather statement this morning warning that interior counties could see several hours of below freezing temperatures.

The NWS said as a result "agricultural interests are advised to begin planning harvesting or protecting tender vegetation."

The NWS statement said "an unusually cold airmass for early October will overspread Southern New England Thursday night."

The areas expected to be hit by the freeze include Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire counties in Massachusetts as well as northern Worcester county. In New Hampshire the Taunton NWS statement included Cheshire and most of Hillsborough counties.

Meanwhile, widespread frost is anticipated in central Middlesex, northwest Middlesex, southern Worcester, western Essex and western Middlesex counties as well as in eastern Hillsborough county in New Hampshire.

The communities in the northern suburbs of Boston could see temperatures in the lower or mid-30's.

Low temperatures advisories have also been issued by other NWS bureaus in northern and far western New England.

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