Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Impromptu Road Trip...

...Well, sort of. Hee hee. I miss spontaneity. I guess as you become a more responsible adult, you have to let go of some of that stuff.

Hee hee, not today! I made an awesome friend who goes to school in Northfield. When she first told me of her location, I was like, "Where the hell is that...?" Yep, B O O N I E S !!!

Anyway, we've wanted to hang out, but she's 2 hours away and doesn't have a car. Turns out she had no school today. So, at about 1:00 a.m. last night while chatting on AIM I decided to drive out this a.m. and pay her a visit.

Perfect plan! It was crappy weather and I'd have just stayed home and been depressed about having no full-time job still.

So, I drove about 2 hours and arrived at a beautiful location that I had no idea existed! (note to self: bring mountain bikes for us next time...)

And my friend and I had an amazing day to boot! We sat inside, listened to some AWESOME trance, gagged on feathers, lol (note to Cora... throw out those damn down pillows and dust immediately if not sooner...), ate in the school cafeteria (memories!!), talked about nothing and everything... but best of ALL... rated each woman in the magazine that had "2001's Hottest Women." I've learned today: South Africa has STRANGE taste in what's deemed attractive.

Anyway, I was sad to leave at 2:15, but I had my shift at HW. But it was great... I gave a great abs class and kicked even my own ass...!

But then I saw HER! : ) I spent about 35 min. guiding her on some strength training exercises. And we made a date for Friday. Wheeeeeeeee!

Stellar day, despite the crappy weather...

Now if I could just land a damn full-time job, life would be perfect...

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