Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


Last night I was on my way home from a quick shopping trip and was hurtling up 95N in the left lane. I was probably doing 70 because it was raining and there was traffic a little ways ahead of me. There were a lot of cars to my right doing around 60, I'd guess.

Anyway, I noticed a motorcycle barreling along behind me and as soon as it caught up, it threw its brights on. So my immediate reply was to flip him off and not move over. Besides, I couldn't have anyway because there was a lot of traffic in the lane next to me. AND I was quickly catching up to a car in front of me.

Since I drive an SUV, the bright light wasn't really affecting me, but I thought it was really rude and stupid for a motorcycle to tailgate an SUV in the rain in the left lane. It wasn't like I could move to let him pass. There were a whole bunch of cars in front of me, too no less, which made it even more pointless.

The motorcycle kept it up for another mile so I slammed on my brakes, causing the motorcycle to nearly rear-end me. He turned his bright light off and stopped hovering by my bumper. Good, stupid bastard.

So another two miles goes by and I shift to the right lane because I had to exit. I got a look at the motorcycle... IT WAS A STATE TROOPER! WTF??????????

What was his point? If he was desperate for me to move, why not put on his flashing trooper lights?? Why tailgate me and put brights on??? Idiot. I'll never get those troopers sometimes.
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