Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Why? Why do you torture me??

I will admit upfront, this is one of the lamest posts I've ever put up, but whatever. I don't care.

For almost 3 years I've been tortured by a song. I went to a club in June of 2000, danced my ass off as typical, except at one point during the night this song came on that I fell in love with. I had so much fun jumping around to this song that I was completely bummed when it came to an end with a smooth transition into "Sexual Li Da Di."

I went up to the DJ booth and asked the DJ what song had just played. Unfortunately, she couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear her. Rather than bug her, I just shook my head and slunked away.

I liked the song I'd heard because it had the same bassline of a song I'd been in love with in '96, CJ Bolland's "Sugar is Sweeter." So I went home that night, logged onto Napster and searched every variation of the song I could think of. Nothing.

Several months later I was at a different club in Manhattan and The Song came on. I was so excited!! But to my dismay, the DJ booth was not anywhere I could get to. So I savored the 3 or so minutes I had to dance to The Song until it faded into Darude's "Sandstorm."

Now that Kazaa Lite's working for me, I decided to resume the search for The Song. Once again, I tried looking for every variation of "Sugar is Sweeter." Nothing.

So I tried Google. Page after page of nothing. Then suddenly I came across a link that listed some DJ's set from a couple years ago and it said "CJ Bolland- Sugar is Sweeter, Bolland/Praxis featuring Kathy Brown- Turn to Sugar mix/Turn Me Out"

This was completely different than any other results, so I cut and pasted "Turn Me Out" into Kazaa. About 15 results came up, so I clicked on one, waited for some of it to download, then right-clicked to preview. I almost fell out of my chair... THIS WAS IT!

I couldn't believe it! So I waited for the download to complete. When it did, I tried to find it in my "Kazaa" folder so I could get it ready to burn onto CD. But nothing was there. Just a .dat file. Weird.

So I tried to download another one. Same thing. To make sure it wasn't a Kazaa issue, I searched and downloaded another song. It worked fine. 8 versions of "Turn me out" later, STILL just .dat files!! And they're from different users. ARGH! WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME, KATHY BROWN???

Oh well, I'm determined. At least I know what the damn song is called and who the artist is. My life is complete. (Okay, no. But I'm certainly looking forward to having this song on CD so I can listen to it at full volume in the car, bass thumping out of my ghetto-blaster sub)

And on a side note, now having listened to this song in full, I swear I must have been a "gay boy queen" in another life when I think on all the house songs I've loved over the years. "Turn me out" really is a queer song. Ha!

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