Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk


Wow. 19 inches so far!

This afternoon I shoveled while Mia merrily skipped along behind me, chirping away. But it was totally useless because about 2 hours later, the driveway and walkways were completely covered over again. Currently the end of the driveway is blocked by mounds of snow taller than my SUV and Sarah's truck. Thank you Town of Stoneham Department of Works!

Sarah had major gum surgery yesterday, so she spent the entire day in bed. She got to experience the snow a bit via Mia, however. I had left the back door open slightly so that Mia could go in whenever she got too cold. Of course, that meant her going in only when she was completely white and then jumping in bed with Sarah to get warm. Heeheehee!

Of course, I wasn't laughing when I found out Mia made herself warm and dry by lying on my side of the bed. Oh well.


It's only December 6th. I've had enough.
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