Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

The 2003 GOOF Awards

This is hysterical! (And quite accurate...!)

This is my favorite part:

Jessica Simpson: Someone should take the extended version of "Stupid Girl" by Garbage and mix it with sound bites from Simpson's infamous library of unintentionally hilarious comments:

You stupid girl

"Is this chicken or is this fish?"

You stupid girl

"Is there, like, maids for celebrities?

All you had you wasted

"Rigor who?"

All you had you wasted

"I don't eat buffalo."

Don't believe in love

"Why were there mouses?"

Don't believe in hate

"My boob gets in the way."

Don't believe in anything

"I thought it was pronounced 'plata-ma-puss.' "

That you can't waste

"I think I need to go drop some kids in the pool."

You stupid girl

"I'm not a good try-er clothes-er on-er."

You stupid girl...

**On a side-note, I'd pay anyone who can actually do this for me!!

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