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"Just leave it to me..."

After pretty much passing out at about 2:30 a.m., Tabs and I woke up around 9:30 a.m. She got up before I did, got dressed, and went outside to read.

Once she left, I got myself together and we went for a walk. Provincetown is truly beautiful! We took a walk through town, watched the 4th of July parade, walked along the jetty, and just hung out and chatted.

The sun was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds, so we figured we'd try going to the beach. By the time we arrived, the sun pretty much was covered, making a few hazy appearances every so often.

Tabs read a book and I snoozed for a bit. After a couple hours we decided we were hungry, so we went into town and each had a wrap and just people watched.

Around 4 o'clock we headed to a resort called The Boatslip. They have a "Tea Dance" from 4 until 7 p.m. And since I can't get enough of dancing, we just *had* to go.

While we were there, Tabs and I saw a woman that she recognized from the gym she works out at. She doesn't work out at HW, it's more convenient for her to go to a place by her day job.

We'd seen this woman a few times during the past day. At one point Tabs said "hi" to her and they chatted a bit. I could tell Tabs had a crush, so I asked her about it later.

Sure enough, I was right. And I was impressed! Tabs and I have different tastes in women. But this woman was really cute! She was probably 5' 10", short brownish-blond hair, and clearly very athletic.

So while Tabs and I were dancing we spotted her on the main dance floor with a few of her friends.

"Tabs, go say hi to your friend," I told her.

"No," she said. "I don't want her to think I'm overbearing."

"What?!" I said, incredulously. "The only way you're overbearing is if you went up and hovered around her the rest of the time. Saying hello is *not*."

"No," she still refused.

I just shook my head at her and kept dancing.

"Not everyone's as outgoing as you, Liz. We can't all just walk around picking up numbers," she said, smirking.

I just laughed. Finally we got too hot from dancing and decided to get drinks. As we made our way off the floor and to the patio, we passed by Tabs' Crush. I reached out and grabbed her arm, "Hey...!" I said.

"Hi!" she smiled. "How are you?"

We made small talk for a bit. Tabs' Crush introduced us to her two friends who were a couple. Then they went off and it was just me, Tabs and Tabs' Crush. I was trying to steer the conversation to go just between them. I looked for something to cause me to walk away. Suddenly I heard a gay boy say to someone, "So give me your honest opinion. Does this make him look too butch?"

I turned around and decided to jump in on the conversation. "What are we debating here?" I asked.

"This leather bracelet. Does it make him look too butch?" a guy asked me as he pointed to his friend.

I looked the leather bracelet boy up and down. Hmm. I decided it would take a hell of a lot more to make this sweet looking guy appear butch. Like about 20 pounds of muscle, full leather ensemble, tattoos, and a beard.

I shook my head, "No way! I think it looks cute on you!"

So I started chatting with the group of guys and then went on the dance floor with them, leaving Tabs and her Crush to chat alone. After dancing for 45 minutes, I went back and joined Tabs and her Crush, plus Tabs' Crush's friends. I walked up as Tabs' Crush said, "Yeah, I gotta get going soon."

I said, "why?"

"Because I have to take the ferry back and it leaves at 7:30."

I looked at my watch. It was 6:45.

"Where are you going?" I asked her.

"Arlington," she answered.

"Well, I'm going to Watertown, so I'd be happy to give you a ride," I offered.

"Really?" she asked. "That would be so awesome!"

"Sure!" I said. I was *thrilled*! Perfect opportunity to talk Tabs up for 2.5 hours. Hee hee hee!

We decided we'd leave about 7:30. I was sick of dancing at that point and was craving ice cream in the worst way. So Tabs and I went off to Ben and Jerry's and I promised Tabs' Crush that I'd return to get her at 7:30.

As we walked along I told Tabs' my plan. She looked at me and said, "Liz, you are so awesome. And I will finally admit, you are the master. You are just so good at this stuff..!"

"Ha," I said. "It's more or less just luck."

So, 15 minutes later I was happily eating a waffle cone stuffed with Cherry Garcia ice cream. Tabs and I slowly headed back to Tea Dance.

7:30 I loaded Tabs' Crush's stuff into my SUV. While I was doing that, Tabs and her Crush chatted about working out. Tabs did everything according to plan:

"Yeah, so we should totally work out together. Let me give you my nunber..." she said as she wrote her info. on her business card.

Behind Tabs' Crush's back I winked at Tabs. She gave me a small smile.

By 7:45 Tabs' Crush and I were on our way. And what I thought would be a simple drive turned into a huge adventure, which I will detail in a new post. : )

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