Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Nipple Confidence"

So I'll admit that I watched-- and enjoyed-- The L Word. Since I was in a hotel on Sunday that was sans-Showtime, I had to watch it in a rerun last night. I was riveted.

I have to say, though, the bulk of the show was LARGELY unrealistic, but entertaining nonetheless, so I'll be a regular viewer. I really liked Bette and Tina and I am a little unsettled by the fact that after watching the show, I'd do Jennifer Beals, no question. Maybe it's the whole Flash Dance thing from when I was 7, I don't know.

I'd also like to know what on earth happened to Shane's hair... she looks like she was viciously attacked by a Flo-Bee!

Mind you, this picture isn't that bad... every promo shot of her looks nice. But in the show, she looks like someone threw gel in her hair during a monsoon, not to mention they dress her in leather tops that make her breasts look like undercooked floppy little pancakes.

And they say she has "nipple confidence." Please. How can anyone tell when in clothes they look like saggy flaps??

And same with that blond chick that did those lame yogurt commercials last year.

"Good as... someone else getting your dry-cleaning good..." Sees her yogurt cup is empty. "Ohhh... that's bad..."


(EDIT!!! It's been brought to my attention that Googling "Leisha Haley" brings this LJ entry up. Just as an FYI, this was an old entry... I'm an adoring Leisha Haley fan now and have since gotten over her hair in the first couple episodes of The L Word! She earned my respect as I watched the show and I especially love the fact that she's in that BMW commercial.)

ANYWAY, I have to say, the sex scenes were awesome. Good-bye high-heels in bed porno stereotypes! Woo hoo!

And it's funny to see Pam Grier in such a mellow role... I miss Coffy and Foxy Brown!

So... I have a new show to love. I hope it lasts...
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