Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Disney presents: "Erk On Ice"...

Yeah, so over the weekend I went up to Nestlenook in New Hampshire to go ice skating. I haven't been since late 1994. Let me tell you, I am SO much faster on skates than I ever have been because I'm in excellent shape. However, there's one minor detail that I haven't managed to change since the last time I was on ice skates: I still don't know how to stop!

The great thing about this place was that it's outdoors on a real pond, so there was a LONG stretch of ice so that I could zoom back and forth and allow for enough time to coast to a stop. How sad.

Here's me in the queer white rental skates:

Here's me flying at the person with the camera. (They got out of the way in the nick of time...!)

And here I am taking off... note my ultra hoTT new Gentle Giant Rowing Club jacket...! HA! Clearly I'm itching for Spring...

My ankles are pink and purple from the bruises caused by the ghetto rentals. I'm going to look at buying skates and my boss wants me to take skating lessons from her 15 year old daughter who is on a nationally competitive skating team. How embarrassing, but I want to do it because I hate not being able to stop and I REALLY want to skate again soon. I felt like such a retard. Especially when I was drinking hot chocolate and this man came up to me with his wife and told me he had her watch my "exquisite form on the ice."

I thought he was joking, but he was, in fact, serious. I said, "Did you miss the part where I don't know how to stop or turn effectively?"

He said they hadn't, but perhaps because I had such great form while skating, it wasn't noticeable. Well, that's just great.

So, I've got my boss recruiting both of her daughters for two things now: one to teach me how to skate, while the other is set to teach me how to swim this summer in exchange for personal training. Geez. I feel like I'm all "special needs." I'm athletic, yet I SUCK! Ugh.

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