Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Hair Scare

Yes! Perfect!

This is in follow-up to my earlier rant about Shane's hair... BEST description ever:

"Shane is a bit of a loner and one of the least-developed characters, but Moennig manages to add an air of quiet depth and intelligence that makes her character more than just the resident chick-magnet. Fans of Moennig are likely to be disappointed at how little screen time Shane gets, especially in the first few episodes; Shane's hair, on the other hand, could get a little less screen time: it's distractingly messy in almost every episode--and not in a good way. There's the sexy, tousled look, and then there's the matted, gum-in-my-hair, hospital-bed look, and too often Shane's hair fits the latter description."


*gasp* *cough*

Woooo. *wipes tears away*

Why am I obsessed with this chick's hair?! I don't typically care about TV characters' appearances. Feh.

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