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"Just a minor detour..."

So Tabs' Crush and I jump on Route 6, music pumping and both of us coming down off the "rush" caused by a couple days in P-Town. We both had separate stories, so we spent a little while swapping them.

As we drove along we both shared a little on our backgrounds. I was doing anything I could to learn as much as I could on Tabs' behalf. The more we talked, the more I grew to like Tabs' Crush. What a sweet woman! "Bonus points, Tabs!" I thought to myself. "Not only is she really attractive, she's nice, too!" (You'd be amazed how many hot women turn out to be real pains in the asses because of some hidden personality trait...)

Turns out Tabs' Crush had come out of a relationship 8 months prior. "Wow, me, too," I laughed.

But then I stopped laughing when she said, "Yeah, we were together 7 years..."

Whoa! Wow! 7 years!!!!!

"It was a long time coming," she explained. "It went on for too long."

After we each gave the other a little relationship history, we started chatting on careers and interests. Tabs' Crush is a lawyer and does every kind of sport imaginable. Gah, she even puts me to shame!!

So, 2.5 hours later we approach the exits we could take from 93. "I usually take the Pike," I said. "How would you go?"

"Storrow. It's the most direct."

So I pass the very empty Pike to continue 2 miles ahead to the exit ramp. As soon as we came around the bend to get off, we hit DEAD STOP TRAFFIC.

"Agh!" I said. "No!"

We sat in traffic that barely budged for an hour. Turns out Storrow Drive was closed due to the fireworks. It was about 9:55 at this point.

Finally we got off the nightmare highway and wove our way around Boston. I figured we'd back track to the Mass Pike via the local streets and head for my town, which neighbors her's.

We were laughing about our time in the traffic because people had been pretty antsy and were doing crazy things, like honking their horns to songs, getting out of their cars and running around, etc.

I slowly drove through the streets, which were crowded with people, and made my way over to Newbury Street. As we drove up Newbury towards the Pike, we heard, "BOOM!" The sky lit up, which indicated that the fireworks had just begun.

We passed a side street and saw more fireworks fly up and explode from the river. So I pulled over and we got out to watch them. I'm glad we did! I hadn't seen 'em since 1997 and they were truly amazing!

**TO BE CONTINUED...** (sorry, kids, have to get ready for work...)

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