Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Comcrap tries to take over the world...

Gee, I'm not surprised. My favorite was this quote here: "In mid-morning, Disney released a terse statement saying that its board 'has received and will carefully evaluate the unsolicited proposal from Comcast Corp. In the meantime, there is no action for shareholders to take.' Roberts, for his part, told the Comcast conference call that, 'We are hopeful to make this as friendly as possible.'"

"Friendly as possible," eh? As friendly as Comcrap's customer service?? You'd think they'd throw money at fixing their nightmare of a cable company before dragging anyone else down, too.

I still have yet to go to court for my claim. I'm going to send in the papers next week now that I don't have any immediate travel plans. Since work has been shipping me all over creation during the last few months, I was worried I'd get scheduled for a date I'd be unavailable and then have to withdraw.

I *hate* Comcrap. Hate Hate Hate.
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