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Cats and Dogs...

I am so down in the dumps today, it's ridiculous.There's really no reason for me to be either. Yet here I am.

So I suppose I will simply do a "Weekend in Review" post. After all, it was a pretty typical Friday through Sunday filled with interesting excitement. But luckily it wasn't nearly as adventurous as the previous weekend.

Friday was filled with work. I had actually gone out on Thursday night to the Midway, so it was a tired sort of day. What a huge difference from the previous week though. After having met those girls at the Tiger Lily, I suddenly felt like I knew the majority of the people there. I danced with a lot of different people and was sorely disappointed that Heather (I know I know you from somewhere...) wouldn't dance. Oh well.

I got there late because of closing HW, but there was still a decent sized crowd there.
It was pretty mellow, I just danced a lot, then drove Heather home. She's very sweet.

Friday night was a little more exciting. I went to Tiger Lily with a few people and did a lot of dancing. I also got progressively trashed. Still have that lovely low tolerance.

Chris, Liz's friend, and I chatted for a bit and discovered we were both planning on spending Saturday day at the beach, so we made plans to go together. Before long she and Liz left and I was psyched when the "beach ball crew" showed up 15 min. later.

So the night ended in the same fashion it did the previous week: a drunken game of "keep it up" and me turning down an invite to an after hours party when the club closed.

I got up at 7:00 to assist Kim with the HW Walking Club, then called Chris to figure out when and where to meet for the beach. I ended up driving to her place in JP and leaving my car so we could take her's. She knew where we were going, so I was more than happy not to drive.

She took us to Castle Beach in Ipswich and it was awesome! The only problem was these horrible flies that kept biting. They were really annoying, so I didn't get to fall asleep on the sand as I'd planned.

Chris is pretty cool! I'm glad we've become friends. We seem to have a good deal in common, which is nice. Turns out she works in the tech field doing software work and understands what my client does. She explained Web Services to me and was better at it than anyone has been thus far.

We tossed a football around for a while and I got to display my sad abilities at throwing. Then we went on a hike through the dunes and I was bowled over at how beautiful they were. I had no idea such lush plant life can grow in the sand.

After spending several sun-soaked hours on the beach, we headed back home. It was a great day and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Of course, I wasn't too excited to get home and discover that I literally fried myself. I am one big sunburn. Whoops.

All in all it was a nice Saturday. The evening, however, proved to be quite exciting...!

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