Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Coming Out"

I know a few of you watch The L Word. I just wanted to comment on this past Sunday's episode... anyone have any guesses as to which famous tennis player they're eluding to? Obviously the show's fiction, but you KNOW the producers are hinting that it's based on someone real. (Maybe not their experience, but this person clearly is meant to resemble someone)

I can't begin to say how clever The L Word is! There are so many scenes that are BRILLIANTLY written and acted out... like Jenny and Dana last week? Hahahahaha!!!

"Ow... Hair!"

"This was a bad idea, wasn't it...?"


This, though... this was GREAT! Dana telling her coming out story, but because it was with someone who's famous, they showed the "coming out reinactment" and totally blurred the girl's face, then beeped out her name. I couldn't stop laughing.

Two more episodes until the first season is over. I will wither away from withdrawal until the next one. Oh well, at least I'll get more sleep on Sunday nights!

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