Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Liquor in the front, poker in the rear..." (Say it outloud... heehee. Terrible.)

Ah yes, that choice line is courtesy of dear Shane from The L Word.

Anyway, I have something to look forward to come late summer!! I have had nothing but fun with my Ghettopoly game and even hosted a Ghettopoly-themed party with a few friends in early March. (It was hard to play because we all were laughing too hard) Now the amusement will continue with the new release of Redneckopoly!!!!!!!

I thought Ling Ling's Massage Parlour in Ghettopoly was funny... THIS had me absolutely LOL'ing for real:


Woo hoo! Hahahahahaha!!!!
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