Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Avril Laweenie

Bluch. I saw Avril La"I'm so cool, I hate the word celebrity"vigne on the Today Show this morning while I was getting ready for work. She's as annoying now as she was when she first emerged a couple years ago; still playing up that whole "I am a bad ass anti-pop star."

Okay. First of all, Avy. You are NOT Pink. So leave the crayon eye-liner and "I'm so bored" tone of voice at home.

Second. What is that black hood??? Oh, wait. Wearing a black hood totally affirms one's aloof, angsty-attitude. My bad.

Third. Someone PLEASE tell Avril that she is NOT Edie Brickell! As soon as she started singing "Don't Tell Me," I nearly fell over. Somehow she managed to channel not only Edie's voice, but a Madonna-esque phony English accent. I was so sure she'd launch into a medley of "What I Am" and "American Life."

From the Boston Globe today:

"'I hate how everyone is so into all those magazines where people just care about what celebrities eat and what they wear and what they're doing. Can't they focus on more than that? How about focusing on poverty and kids that are starving? I hate how people put celebrities on pedestals and I even hate the word celebrity.

'People need to put that energy someplace else and do some good with it,' adds Lavigne, a verbal and musical firebrand who performs at the Kiss Concert at the Tweeter Center tomorrow and releases her sophomore album, 'Under My Skin,' on Tuesday."

Mmm-hmm. I'm so sure that's exactly what she was thinking while she signed her big-label recording contract several years ago. "I hate celebrities. I'm just a Sk8erBoi who said see you later boy. Hey, how clever! Boy rhymes with boy...!"

This quote was great though: "'I live on my own now, and most of my friends are older than me. Chantal is my best friend and she's 30. And my band is all 24 and 25. And I don't hang out much with people my own age.'"

Wow. Too cool for her peers. So when she's 30, does that mean the only acceptable crowd for her will be people living in retirement communities?
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