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"C minor, put it in C minor..."

I admit, when Sarah first told me that we were going to see Shrek II with her mother last night, I cringed. I never saw the first Shrek because I really can't stand Mike Myers when he does that Scottish accent. I suffered through his Austin Powers' Fat Bastard character and decided if he wore on my nerves for the mere 10 or 15 minutes he was in Austin Powers 2 and 3, I'd never survive if I had to listen to that accent for an hour and a half.

But, alas, I didn't put up a fight, so at 6:30 the three of us hopped in Sarah's truck and headed for the theater. I leaned forward between the two front seats and held out a CD. "Put this in," I said.

"What is it?" Sarah asked. She looked at it briefly. "Oh no, this isn't that mix I heard you making earlier...?"

I just smiled at her. See, I'm going through this disco/ early 80's phase. It's not nearly as severe as my Cher phase from 2 years ago, in which I even insisted on saying everything that had an "o" in it in a drawn out fashion. ("Take me ho-o-o-o-o-o-ome...")

Sarah sighed and put in my CD. So while she and her mother engaged in boring conversation, I sang along with Donna Summer and Chic. "Awwww, freak out! Le freak, say chic...!"

25 minutes later I was sitting in my theater seat, glowering at the previews. After what seemed like endless commercials and lame coming attractions, Shrek II began. I was floored. I won't spoil anything here, don't worry. But all I'll say is, I was wrong!!

The subtle humor and spoofs were hilarious! Shrek's accent wasn't over done (thank God). And apparently the script writers were going through a disco phase of their own because three of the songs in the movie were on the mix we listened to on the way to the theater.

But THE best part of all was the fairy godmother.

The character in and of itself was funny, until she said something that made me do a double-take: "You're forcing me to do something I DON'T want to do..."

Oh my God! Embarrassingly enough, I laughed out loud. (I rarely laugh hard at movies in the theater) I recognized the sarcastic English accent!!! It was Jennifer Saunders!! Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with Absolutely Fabulous.

Well, that set the rest of the movie for me. And when the Godmother sang "Holding Out for a Hero..." oh, that was IT. I was practically crying from laughing.

Anyway, go see this movie, kids. I give it 4 "neon whip lashes" a la Bonnie Tyler!

har har har.


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