Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"Je-em is truly outrageous..."

So yippee. Boston Pride is tomorrow. And, as usual, the choices for evening events look to be rather lame. (Then again, gay nightlife for women in Boston is typically lacking) The only club that looks semi-promising is Hollywood, although some of you may recall my thoughts on that place the last time I attended.

Anyway, I went onto the Hollywood site to see what they had to say about tomorrow. After I read through the drabble instructing attendees to arrive early because "it's sure to fill up fast" (which is probably true, given the fact that there are only two options for women), I came across the standard yearly "girl-in-song of choice" that they are pushing on all the dykes at 2004's pride.


Her name is JEM!!

And the title of her debut album is "Finally Woken." Does that mean she slept right through the 80's and missed Jem and The Holograms?!?!

Anyway, I got a great laugh. I'll have to download some of her stuff and see if she's as good as her marketing person says, or if she's merely a former member of The Misfits trying to capitalize on the 80's Jem fame...!

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