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Off the beaten campaign trail

So I haven't updated in quite a long time... very unlike me, I know. You can call it a silent indication as to what a tough time I've been having. (I have to say though, the unexpected IM's from people in LJ-land checking on me has meant a lot. I never expected people who are more or less strangers outside of the Internet to care as much. So thank you for that.)


I made up my mind as to who I'm going to vote for in this year's election a long time ago. As someone who generally has a hard time with change, I'm quite the opposite in this case: Get Bush Out Of There!

Since I'm so decided, I've pretty much tuned out the petty back-and-forths between both parties. Instead I've started to focus on each candidate's kids. I'm sure everyone's noticed that both Kerry and Bush's daughters have stepped into the spotlight in support of their respective fathers.

In my opinion, I think the kids are going to be ones that further particular causes that each candidate might dub as "too hot to actively touch." I have to say, I understand this. At the end of the day, winning an election is all a big game. So I don't care how Kerry gets from Point A to Goal Z, as long as he successfully arrives there.

I was doing some research on GLAD when I stumbled upon Vanessa Kerry's recent letter to The Advocate. I was psyched to read this because it might as well have said, "My Dad is totally for you all and gay marriage, but if he says it, he'll lose the votes of close-minded people that are still living in 1953. Let's get Bush out of there, then work on enlightening the overly-misguided people of this country."

The article got me curious as to what the Bush Twins are doing to further their Dad's cause. I ran a Google search using every variation of their names in conjunction with words like "in support of," "issues," "opinion," etc. I couldn't find anything hard-hitting, but I did find this chat transcript from the 23rd. I agree with the owner of this site, obviously the questions weren't fielded by the girls.

Now, granted the Kerry girls have about 10 years on the Bush twins, but honestly... can't they (or their publicists) deliver a more impactful message than, "Our Dad is grrrrreat...?"

Why, yes. At least Jenna can, "impact" and all:

Guess she thinks her friend is great, too! Rarr!

I don't know. Campaigns are so silly. But honestly, I think some supporters take things too far. Yesterday I was driving along 93 and I saw the children in the station wagon in front of me all clamor to the right side of the car. They were clearly gawking at something, so I looked to my right as well. And I almost drove off the road.

(obviously not the actual one, but it was exactly like this)

What the hell??????

I looked back in front of me and saw that the mother in the passenger seat had turned around to calm the kids down and the father who was driving began to speed up. I assume it was to get away from the Abortion Mobile.

I looked back at the truck lumbering along in the far right lane. Disgusting. I suppose their point was to be shocking and thought-provoking. I was shocked all right, but probably not in the way the driver intended. The only thing the truck caused me to think about was the poor parents who were undoubtedly going to have to do a lot of explaining to their young children.

I did a little research and discovered that the Abortion Mobile's official name is the Truth Truck. And apparently there's a fleet of them set to drive around Boston during the DNC. I wish them lots of luck because if small cars are anticipated to have problems getting in and around the city, I don't see how box trucks driven by out-of-towners are going to be any more successful either.

And is the group responsible for them really expecting to sway Kerry/Edwards supporters with gross images like that? Even if the trucks were driven by Jenna and Barbara I still don't think they'd have much of an impact.

Now if they were driven by the Bush AND Olsen twins...


*has oh-I-wish-I-had-Photoshop moment*


Ha! What'd I tell ya? Glad the hyped-up DNC security is good for something!!

ORW Truth Trucks Caught in Boston Security Stranglehold.


"On Saturday, the Truth Trucks were pulled over by police at gunpoint, detained, and searched. 'There were thousands of other trucks on the street, but none were pulled over but our trucks,' said ORW President Troy Newman, who was ordered out of one of the vehicles and put 'spread eagle' against a wall. He was released after police determined that the Truth Trucks posed no security threat. 'Security is so tight, we literally cannot park inside Boston,' Newman said."

Well, DUH, stupid. Not even Boston's own residents can park inside Boston during the convention! Ass-hat.

Damn, I'd have loved to have watched the BPD impound the Abortion Mobiles.

Inquiring minds do want to know: How will the Truth Truck drivers get back to Bumblef*ck, Nowheresville?! Perhaps Planned Parenthood can offer them accomodations while they figure it out... heh heh heh...
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