Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"On-Air with The Man in the Mirror"

Yesterday was a day of Crew racing, running and catching up on missed TV. The most interesting portion of the day? Why, the missed TV!

I was flipping stations and finally settled on VH1's Man in the Mirror. It was so... hmm. I guess I put it right up there with a "car accident." It was so bad I couldn't stop watching. I also think it should have been titled "Mime in the Mirror." They tried a little TOO hard to whiten the black actor's skin:

At any rate, I could see what message they were trying to convey... Michael Jackson isn't a horrible monster as the media would like us to believe. But rather, he's the result of an abusive childhood... the innocence of an 8 year old that never fully developed mentally or matured into an adult.

Honestly though... the movie was pretty bad. Between the actor's make-up and his attempts at talking in a soft, higher pitched voice... it all made me cringe. And some of the scenes lead me to believe that there had to have been many takes, merely because the cast and crew were probably laughing so hard.

And at some points I wasn't sure if I were watching a Michael Jackson mime or deleted graveyard scenes from Thriller:

The biggest moment for me in watching this, however, was not from the movie itself, but rather an entertainment update that was shown during the commercials. I had turned from the TV to pick up one of my cats when I suddenly heard, "...since the cancellation of 'On-Air With Ryan Seacrest...'"


I ran a Google search and sho' 'nuff... 'On-Air With Ryan Seacrest' canceled.


I HATE Ryan Seacrest. HATE.

I always thought he bore an amazing resemblance to Roy Horn from Siegfried and Roy.

Except I'd have preferred if it were Ryan that got mauled by a tiger and not Roy. Even more satisfying would be if he said "Seacrest out" after the maiming was over. Heh heh heh...

I know, horrible. Oh well, I made myself laugh, so that's all that matters. ;-)
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