Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Feral Express

I seem to have developed some sort of Cat Pattern. It just dawned on me that every year for the last 3 years I've ended up getting heavily involved with the shelter at some point in the winter. Each year I tend to do something different... last year it was taking in a Mom cat and her 5 babies, raising them and then adopting them out at 8 weeks.

This year it's going to be trapping kittens. Oh yes. I found out that there is a colony of about 50 cats in Mission Hill, Boston. I called Second Chance to see about what to do, but Sheera (the director) said they are full until December. I also tried another shelter in Jamaica Plain, but the woman there gave me a curt "no." (whatever, cat c*nt) I wasn't about to call the Animal Rescue League or MSPCA because that's just a death sentence for the cats. (Both organizations euthanize the cats within 48 hours of receiving them most times)

I, of course, don't give up that easily. I'm hell bent on executing a Spay/Neuter-And-Release program over there. So tonight I met Sheera downtown and picked up kitten traps and cages. The plan is that I will try to trap 6 kittens tomorrow, bring them to the local vet and then work on taming them for adoption. I will do this for the next few weekends in hopes of getting the babies out of the cold. After that, we'll work on the adults.

Instead of meeting Sheera at the shelter, I caught up with her at one of her friend's apartments. Sheera was there helping to clean up after the woman's foster cats because she has breast cancer and can't handle the workload herself. So while I was there and learning how to work the trap, I heard a quiet, high-pitched "meeeew!!"

"What was that?" I asked, looking around. I saw black cats, white cats, Calicos, Siamese, but they all looked too old to chirp out such a little noise.

"Oh, that's the 6-week-old bottle feeding litter," Sheera answered. "They're in that cage over there."

I walked across the room and nearly passed out at what I saw. The cuteness was a little too overwhelming:

This little one wanted to sit on my shoulder the whole time (she had food on her face, don't mind the gunk):

So, of course, if anyone knows of people who might be interested in adopting any of these babies, they'll be ready in 2 weeks... :-D

Anyway, yeah. Tomorrow a.m. my friend and I will be staking out a side street in Mission Hill, trying to catch at least 6 cats. Oy. This should certainly be interesting enough!

Stay tuned...
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