Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"We just love them..."

So, Operation Feral Rescue went so NOT according to plan. My friend and I arrived at one out of the 4 locations and immediately saw 6 kittens rolling on the porch of an apartment.

"Well, I guess this is the right place," I sighed.

We set the trap next to a large food dish and then simply waited in my car and watched. Within 3 minutes this woman came out:

Okay, not quite so bad, but close enough. She took my trap away, so I had to leap out of the car and lay the smack down.

Long story short, she's been feeding that section of the colony for over 6 years. (!!!!) Most of the residents on that block feed and keep an eye on the cats, so one of them ratted me out to the Head Cat Lady and told her what I was doing.

It took me literally 40 minutes to convince Head Cat Lady that I was harmless and had only the best intentions. It was so frustrating though.

"We just love them," Head Cat Lady said. "So they're fine, you can leave them alone."

"Are you all doing anything besides feeding them?" I asked. "Because it's well and good to put out a plate of food, but it's important to fix them, get them vaccinated and give them stuff like Revolution. They're going to keep breeding and spreading diseases like FIV amongst themselves."

The answer, of course, was a big fat hairy "no."

Of course, being the PR rockstar that I am, I won the woman over. I had the shelter director call Head Cat Lady and verify my story. Next step is going to be for Head Cat Lady to help with the trapping this week, I'll handle the vet transport and then this weekend I'll be trapping in the other 3 colony locations.

What a fiasco. But at least Head Cat Lady was reasonable.

In other Feline News, I'll be picking up that litter from yesterday and fostering them at my house until they're all adopted. Thank you to whomever sent my info. around because that lead to 3 solid leads on homes for just about all of them. xoxo

In other Non-Feline News, I'm off to get me some sushi.

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