Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Brainy McSmarts over here...

Trash & Recycling day started off normally enough... I threw on shoes and a hat to cover my unruly bed-head and began bringing up trash and recyclables from the basement. For 20 minutes I hauled bag after bag of paper, plastics and tin. When I was finally done, I went back in the house, pressed the doorlock on the front doorknob and went up to get ready for work.

Once I made it up to the bathroom, I noticed I had forgotten to empty out my trash can. Seeing that it was already 7:45, I decided to bring it out then, rather than wait, just in case the collectors showed up early. I ran down the stairs while I tied a knot in the bag and pulled open the front door. As I stepped through it, the central air kicked on, sending a woosh of warm air that slammed the door shut behind me.

Uh oh. I jiggled the knob. Locked.

"Yip yip yip yip yip!!!" Lucky and Star barked in response to the noise.

I looked out the foyer window and saw that my duplex neighbor's car was in the driveway. *whew* I knocked on the door.

"Hi Liz," my neighbor greeted me upon opening the door.

I explained my predicament. "No, we don't have a key anymore. Sarah took back the spare when she moved out."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was my initial reaction. Followed by @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thanked my neighbor and told her I was going to see if I'd left any windows unlocked around the house. I knew I hadn't because I'm overly cautious like that, but I tried anyway. I even went nose to nose with Cora in the basement window and tried to coax her to step on the window latch. (It sticks out and goes down to open it) But she just stood there, head cocked to one side with her Siamese eyes gazing at me quizzically. At one point she put her paw to the glass and I put my hand up as well.

"Mer meh meh-meh," she said.

"I'm sorry, I'll be in soon," I said.

Then I came to the realization that I was outside in my pajamas on my hands and knees, trying to get a cat to open the window. Thank God for the big fence because otherwise I can only imagine what I must have looked like at that point.

I finally resigned myself to the fact that I was, in fact, entirely locked out of the house. Never in my entire life have I ever locked myself out of anything. I couldn't call my roommate because his number was in my cell phone on the kitchen counter. I couldn't drive anywhere because my keys were with my cell phone on the kitchen counter. I couldn't slit my wrists because my knives were in the drawer under the kitchen counter.

$105 later, a lock smith let me into the house. Fan-friggin-tastic because who needs money anyway?? It's not like I have a 33,000 miles tune-up for my car on Friday that will cost $500, or 3 bills to pay, or... oh, wait. I do. Yay for being po'.

So lesson here, kids: when your ex moves out, make sure the neighbors still have keys. Because you never know when you'll be locked out by your central air system. Sheesh.

And to end this post on an uplifting note, check out the bizarre wildlife ecosystem I got to witness while trying to trap the feral cats on Sunday. I need to darken the picture a little, but note the kitten on the left waiting for the baby possum to climb the tree on the right:

The little gray kitten and the possum came running out from under a building and were chasing each other around. The kitten made it up the tree and to the ledge first, so it waited for the possum to climb up. But then I think the possum told the kitten I was standing there because as soon as it made it up, it looked at the kitten and the two of them ran off in the opposite direction together. Very cute in a I-Can't-Believe-This-Is-Inner-City-Boston kind of way.

And here's Lucky and Star playing in the snow at my house:

I kept laughing at Star trying to run with one of Colby's old toys:

Ah, winter.

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