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Whoa... I feel a connection here...

So... today was probably not one of my better days on the professional front... *sigh*

It is no fun being new on a higher level. I remember starting at M/ST as an intern, then easing right into my Assistant Account Executive role, then getting promoted to Associate AE, then on to AE. Each time I had grown into my positions and molded myself.

Now I'm tossed to the wolves as an Account Rep., which is the equivalent to Account Executive, with two levels beneathe me. I don't mind this, except there're differences in the way every agency is run. So I'm up against standards and procedures I'm not so familiar with. Everyone's so busy, I'm kinda picking things up as I go along... some by observation, others the *hard way*. (i.e.- getting a "friendly but stern" lecture this afternoon regarding how we're supposed to communicate with the client. I didn't realize I have to copy my teammates on just about every single thing. At M/ST it was only things that were deliverables or important items such as meeting times or stuff along those lines)

So not only am I trying to learn the technology of my client (not to mention learn about the client as an organization), I need to learn how the teams function, the general agency procedures, the different personalities, and on and on.

It's not going very smoothly.

But enough about work, that's not why I'm posting.

I wrote about a girl I met in P-Town... the cute curly haired girl from Chicago. Or, as Tabs put it, "the total babe." Well, she had sent me e-mail on Sunday and I wrote back from a remote e-mail site, not from my direct Outlook. For whatever reason she never got the e-mail.

I figured this out because of 2 reasons: she never responded, plus two of my Personal Training clients said they never received my e-mails either.

So yesterday I wrote her again. I was right, she never got it and simply thought I wasn't interested in writing her back.

All I can say is... wow... this girl's intense. I suppose I can't really explain it without posting her e-mail, which I'm not going to do. At least not on the Public forum.

But I guess I should have known that any girl I flowed with so beautifully during our first time dancing with one another... well, let's just say that doesn't really ever happen. At least not with me.

Despite having only exchanged a few e-mails, which were each quite lengthy, I feel some kind of connection with this girl. Not so much in a "we have so much in common" kind of way (I don't know enough about her yet), but in a "we communicate in the same manner by how we express ourselves" fashion. This is both verbal, nonverbal and written.

The verbal and nonverbal were obvious at Vixen, the written is obviously by way of e-mail. : )

Anyway, I'm just kind of awestruck right now. I kind of wrote off this girl because of the fact that she lives so far away. But now I'm not so sure...

We'll have to keep an eye on this situation as it unfolds...

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