Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

You'd think...

... with the amount of cats I currently have residing in my bedroom, I'd be safe from vicious attacks of the bug variety. Yet this morning I nearly fell prey to the malicious whims of a spider.

Oh yes. That there is the corner next to my bedroom closet. While I was selecting my yawner of a work outfit (khaki pants and a button down blouse... look out, corporate world!), I suddenly felt a tickle on my shoulder, much like the way my hair used to feel when it brushed against my skin. However, those long locks had left the scene ages ago, so I whipped around and was almost nose to nose with Charlotte herself.

In extreme girly fashion, I squealed and jumped. (I am not a bug fan... but worse yet, I HATE killing them) Mia came running, the babies following behind her. I suppose she was probably startled to hear me carrying on like that. She hopped up on the nightstand.

"Get it," I commanded, pointing at the spider.

With a swish of her tail, she stepped forward, sniffed my finger and looked at me expectantly.

"No," I said. "That!"

Of course, the spider was so light, she probably couldn't see it suspended mid-air. But really now, that spider shouldn't have even been able to get in the room, no less nearly succeed in ambushing me!! The kittens have done a fantasic job of shredding the wicker center on the base of my glass table, not to mention ripping apart the toy mice I've given them. Mia and Cora never miss a trick and have seized every opportunity to knock my earrings and rings off of my dresser, despite my placing them where I thought they'd go unnoticed. Bug patrol should be a no-brainer.

I don't even ask those little freeloaders for rent. The least they could do is protect me!!!

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