Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"You're still a super hot female!"

I didn't just have a birth-day, I had a 3 day series of events! Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?" was definitely my personal anthem for the occasion... luckily enough, it's a current favorite of many, so I got to hear it at least 7 different times on Saturday night. "Look at your watch now, you're still a super hot female...!" (by the way, I have no pictures from Friday's night out, sorry)

Without further ado, I present "Precious Moments: December 11 - 12, 2004."

Saturday evening was kicked off with a friend of mine's Grown-Up Party. She just bought a new condo, so it was a housewarming/ holiday/ semi-birthday gathering:

ssejooz was a good sport to come with me and within 10 minutes of arriving, was adopted by my friend's cat:

Ellen (my personal training client, for those of you newer to my LJ) brought a cake, which I happily had two pieces of:

After the party, Jess took me to dinner at the Cottonwood, in which I ended up eating even more dessert and briefly felt like I was going to die soon after.

Before heading to deciding's party, we changed out of our grown-up clothes and put away our leftover dinner. And then... IT WAS ON!

Jess and I made it to Aimee's at around 11:15 where I was presented with Aimee's masterpiece:

(Note Li'l Jon's face... Aimee's got some serious confectionary talent!)

As the clock inched closer to the Inevitable, I got pouty. Wah.

At a few minutes of midnight, Aimee gathered everyone around and began the birthday countdown, New Year's Eve style:

Right on cue, Aimee lead the whole party in song...

...and the depression set in:

I got over myself quickly and, from there, the night took on a life of its own:

I *heart* Aimee's bike! This Spring my KHS will see if it can holds its own with the Bianchi!

Here we have a couple of hotties wit' attitude:

Aimee took Jess and a few others on a trip down memory lane by sharing one of her high school yearbooks:

It's not hard to pick out Aimee in the Prom picture!

Things started getting a little out of control:

I have no words for this...

...or this:

Alas, at 3:00 a.m. it was time for Jess and I to depart. Aimee made sure I had the leftover cake to take with me and our good-bye was rather dramatic:

On the way to the car Aimee found a random door on the lawn. In true Punk Rock style, she made sure to jump on it:

Note how she manages to do all that WITHOUT dropping the cake

I went over to hug her good-bye... and down we went...

...heh heh heh:

Luckily, the cake survived:

Aimee couldn't bear to see us leave, so she walked us to Jess's truck. Naturally we had to play around in front of this Porsche:

Jess got me and my trashed self back to her apartment where I promptly passed out. Thankfully, we don't get hangovers in my family. Otherwise, with all that I drank, I can only imagine the shape I could have been in the next day. My 28th birthday weekend was more fitting for a 21st! In fact, turning 21 was WAY boring compared to this one...! Ha!!

On my birthday itself Aimee and Robyn attended Jess's hockey game with me. It was a phenomenal game in which they managed to beat the number 1 team in the league, 3 - 2. Go Cheetahs!

Jess made some incredible saves:

I got to show off my birthday gift from Jess. Notice the puck in my hand... Jess's teammate cheeta6 nearly took my face off with a puck that flew over the wall. Naturally I had to have it as a souvenir:

According to Jess, this sweatshirt makes me a "cool kid" in Hockey World

Following the game we all went out to dinner at Bella Luna in JP. Jess's friend soucifleur was also there with us. And that concluded my weekend-long birthday extravaganza.

Suffice to say, I'm exhausted. Woooooo.
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