Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Fast and Furious

It may be December 23rd with snow on the ground, but it's also 59 degrees. So what does that mean?

Time to wash the car!

Oh yes. Having a guy roommate is the best thing ever. Look at the812in_playa go to work on our cars!

Sadly enough, Christina Aguilera did not magically emerge from the front bushes to sing her version of "Car Wash" for us.

jerkpants. oh well, not like i've ever spent any money on her CDs, so i can't be that disappointed, right? of course.

Round and round the block we sped to dry the cars, a la The Fast and Furious...

...and then Jay erased the scar from when my poor car was maliciously assaulted by a shopping cart at Target!

mind you, i'd even parked miles away from the store itself to stay out of any Runaway Carriage Crossfire. bastard Woburn townies! and yes, i'm still not over it.

And voila! We have fresh clean cars for the next 10 minutes before it rains! ^_^

This entry is a bold example as to why I shouldn't be allowed vacation days without an agenda... L to the O to the S to the errrrrrrr!
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