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When your week is hectic and crazy...

...The best way to unwind is with a crazy night out! And what better place than the opening night of a brand new lesbian club night? : )

I'll say this: the work week I had was a rather ugly one. But I suppose it was all good in the end, I managed to please my Supervisor with the project I was working on. But not before I pissed my teammates off a few times in the process. Not to mention we get to leave at 3:00 on Fridays during the summer, but because this project was such a disaster, I was there until almost 8:00 p.m.

Well, finally I was able to call it a day... the cleaning crew was just about done by the time I headed for the door. : ) Eep.

Despite not having slept the night before, I suddenly had a rush of energy, so I took off sprinting for the train, hopped on the red line, then switched over to the orange line to pick up my bike from HW downtown.

I popped in to HW to say hi to Kim and finalize our plans for the evening. While I was there my cell phone rang. It was Butch Heather, who I now refer to as "Tuesday." She had called me the previous Saturday to say hello and left me this message, "What's up, Liz? It's Heather, just calling to say hi. It's Tuesday at-- wait! What am I saying? It's Saturday morning. Boy, it was a long night last night..."

I listened to this message three times because it made me laugh so hard. Since I know far too many Heathers, I renamed her Tuesday. : )

Anyway, Tuesday called and we also discussed the evening. She was going to the new club opening as well. I was psyched! A ton of people were planning on going, which meant it was going to be fun! Fun! Fun!

After chatting with Kim a bit I rode home on my bike to find Kris sitting on my driveway. We'd tried unsuccessfully to hang out several times this past week. We were supposed to hang out way earlier during the day, but due to work disasters, it didn't go as planned.

Kris was great though. She even tried to help me get the work done, which was so awesome of her!

We went into my house, she laid down for a nap and I showered for the evening out. Then we went to Uno's where she ordered a sandwich and I ate all her fries. : )

After Kris and I parted ways I went and picked up Kim and headed to the new club, Circuit Girl. And, by a HUGE stroke of luck, we found a parking space right in front of the place!

Lately I had been dressing sporty / femme for my nights out. This evening I went for the "full on dyke" look, just to see if the response I got from people would be different.

Sure was! At least it was to a degree. There were a ton of femme girls there and not too many butches. Now, mind you, I don't really make an effective butch. But with the right clothing and not putting my hair in clips, I can pull it off.

Kim was wearing a dress, so we played up the butch / femme duo when we first got to the club. Way fun! Except we did the drinks backwards: she ordered a bottle of beer and I got a "girlie" madris. She stood there drinking the beer and I took little dainty sips from my little dainty straw. Heh heh.

As the night progressed I saw Liz, Dany, Tanya, Nikki, Chris, and Amy from HW. It was fun! Then I started seeing more and more people, mostly individuals I hadn't seen in a long time.

Including "Freaky Fran." This story is a trip! But it deserves its own post, so I'll dedicate another entry to that story.

The night continued on and we all danced, chatted, and drank. 3 drinks later I had a good buzz going. I stood and chatted with Chris a bit regarding appearances. She told me I dressed appropriately because "butches were in high demand" that evening. She was right, I kept getting looks and smiles from ultra-femme girls all night. But none of them were my type at all.

Tuesday showed up later in the evening, but I hadn't gotten to talk with her much. Finally I spent a little time chatting with her by the bar. It was about 1:30 at this point. As Tuesday turned to chat with someone else, I leaned back against the bar and noticed a girl walking around with a camcorder, filming random shots around the club. Then the camera lens came to rest on me and another girl to my left.

I turned to the girl and said, "Smile, this could be our big Hollywood moment..."

She busted out laughing. I grinned back at her. Then as the flashing lights pulsed I got a good look at her face. Wow! She was CUTE! A couple inches taller than me, athletic-looking, very very short curly blond hair, and pretty smile. I offered to buy her a drink.

So we sipped our drinks, started talking, introduced ourselves to one another (her name was Kristen) and exchanged a bit on our backgrounds. As we finished our drinks we noticed the camera our way again, so we decided to dance next to the bar.

Next thing I know, we're kissing like no tomorrow. Then the music stopped, but we continued kissing, then the DJ played an encore track, and we moved out to the dance floor and continued kissing and dancing. Then the song ended, we exchanged numbers and discussed the possibility of hanging out the next evening.

We said good-bye, then I stumbled off to find my friends, who I knew most of which had already left for the evening. After a few minutes I located Tuesday, Kim, and a few other familiar faces sitting at a round booth at the front of the club.

I held up my keys, "Who's driving the seXterra this evening? Clearly I'm not..."

Tuesday said she would because she was sober. Then people proceeded to give me sh*t about my little dance floor marathon kiss exchange with Kristen. Hee hee hee! Oops.

But according to everyone, I was in the right section. Apparently the area I was in was full of other people engaging in the same behavior. Ha! See? I had to do it if everyone else was...! ; )

Tuesday jumped in the front seat of my car, Kim in the passenger, and I in the back. I love riding in the back! It's raised up, so you can see everything. I think that was the second time I'd ever ridden in the back.

Tuesday drooped off Kim, then we went to her place. We chatted with a couple of her friends who were hanging out there, then they left, and we collapsed into her bed, dead asleep.

Proceed to the next post for the next morning...

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