Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Drano & Honey Nut Cheerios: Another Day in the Life of Liz Erk

Fostering kittens with a bedroom that has an attached bathroom has offered many conveniences. Where to put the sh*tter box? In the bathroom. Have to change the water? In the bathroom. Need to clean the kittens? In the bathroom. And it has been great these last nearly 6 weeks.

Yesterday morning was no different. I woke up, fed the kittens, changed their water and set about my morning routine which includes, surprise, showering. Per usual, the kittens lined up on the side of the tub to play along. They chased the shadows of water droplets as they slid down the curtain, little pink noses peered around the edge of the plastic to see what I was doing and once in a while, when one felt bold, they'd briefly get in the shower with me.

As I rinsed the shampoo from my hair I felt something strange. The water level was to my ankles, which never happens. I wiped my eyes and looked down. Because I didn't have my contacts in, everything was blurry. However, I noticed bits of tan-colored matter floating. I stooped down closer.

Cat food! Clumps of it were rising and swirling around the soapy water. Whaaat?

I hurried through the rest of the shower and then investigated the situation. The drain was stopped up with kitten food. Wasn't that darling. The kittens not only turned my bathroom into a beach everyday with litter, they also managed to transform the bathtub into an ocean with fishy cat kibble.

My drain is not a straight-forward shower drain either. It's this weird punch-button set up that is anchored in there. You punch it to plug the water, punch it to drain. It's a leak-free system and only has a narrow area for the water to move into the pipes.

I checked my watch- 8:10. I didn't have a plunger or Drano and only had 10 minutes to spare before I absolutely had to leave for the office. I was nervous to leave a tub full of water with the kittens, so I used a wash cloth to try and move some of the water to the toilet. Back and forth I went.


One jumped in the murky water. As I removed him, another jumped into the toilet, and then yet another kamakazied into the tub.


I finally had to give it up. I removed a significant amount of water and food, but there was still a good 3 inches of water left. That and 3 soggy, happy kittens racing around the room.

When I returned home from work I had hoped to find that the water might have slowly dissipated. No. Not even a little. And the kittens clearly had fun with it all day long... much to the detriment of the bedroom carpet. Thankfully I own a Little Green Bissell. That's a shock to many people, considering I'm what one might dub Martha Stewart's worst household nightmare. I'm quite clean, but I don't even have the basics for a home, like the aforementioned plunger. (Heh, before the812in_playa, I didn't even have a serving spoon)

deciding advised me on what kind of Drano to buy, so I went to Stop & Crap, immediately got distracted and filled my cart with items I needed (such as **Honey Nut Cheerios and Hot Pockets), got in line at the checkout, only to have to abandon my cart and sprint over to the Household Cleaners aisle... I had forgotten the original purpose of the shopping trip. Durr.

When I arrived home I followed the instructions and dumped half a bottle of the gel on top of the drain plug. Then I went off to chat with morethannumbers and argue about how old she really is. 30 minutes later, I checked on the tub.


I ran the hot water, dumped more Drano in and let it sit over night. Obviously Drano is NOT for kittens, so I had to lock them out of the bathroom. This SUCKED because they are so rambunctious at night, which has caused me to put them in there at bedtime for the last week. Needless to say, I got very little sleep.

12:45 a.m. *CRASH* Kitten knocked over Mia's food dish that was set on the glass table.

1:12 a.m. *scritch scritch scritch* Kitten scratched on the scratch post.

1:49 a.m. *"YAGH!"* Kitten bit my toe! (my feet beneath the sheets are the greatest midnight wrestling companions ever, in case you weren't aware)

3:21 a.m. *REOWWWW!* Kitten decided to engage in a tussle with Mia at the foot of the bed. I opened my eyes in time to see a white blurr fly over the edge. Mia= 1, Kitten= 0.

4:58 a.m. *"Ow, godammit!"* Kitten felt the need to run along my left leg... much like a logger on a fallen tree, except instead of those special boots, he had Wolverine-like talons.

When my cell phone/ alarm clock jingled the muzak version of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" at 5:15 a.m., I felt like I'd been hit with a sledgehammer. But! I was pleased to find that the water had receded and all that was left were remnants of rotten Science Diet.

Whew! There's hope for me in the Domestic Skillz Department yet!

**The large box of Honey Nut Cheerios cost me $6.19 at Stop & Crap!! Highway robbery!! That was almost as much as the Drano! If I didn't have enough money for both, I have a feeling I'd still have a clogged drain.
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