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Horoscope: Coincidence? Perhaps not...

I just happened to peek at my weekly forecast for my sign and nearly fell over laughing when I saw this:

(Pay particular attention to the portion I put stars next to)
This Week: 07/09/01 - 07/15/01


"Though you're often the gregarious one, on Monday you may be more interested in listening to others and being receptive. This in itself can send the message that you are interested in them and in what they have to say.

Turning your attention away from yourself and observing through body language, tone of voice and content is also a good way to assess your attraction quotient to the other person.

****Pursuits are favorable Thursday and Friday. A rush of masculine energy should come in handy when you want to pick up that phone and make your move.****

A friend may look more and more like a potential lover over the weekend. Test the waters slowly and don't plunge in until you have a sign."

Hmmm... I wonder if Sagitarrians everywhere were dressed on the more butchy side last night, making out with people at a club...

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