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Round Trip Flight to Fate?

I woke up this morning and everything was F O G G Y ! Not my mind, but my vision. I had slept at Tuesday's in my clothes and had left my contacts in. Ick.

I also discovered something: Butches snore a lot. Of course, I'd only slept over a handful of butches' houses, but so far Ciara, Nikki, this girl Sue I used to date in '98, and a whole scad of women from the Women's Festival I attended last summer.

Anyway, I was lucky I was in a "drunk sleep," or else I'd have been up all night listening to Tuesday's chainsaw-growl of a snore. I woke up before she did, so I got to listen to it for a little while before I left.

As I drove home, my cell phone rang. It was Kim, checking to see if I'd like to help staff HW Walking Club with her. Since I was still in my previous night's attire and reeked of a smokey dance club, I had to say no.

As I drove I looked at my gas gage. Yikes! About a millimeter off of empty. So I pulled into a gas station in my town about 15 min. later and purchased a full tank. While I waited, Kim called again, saying there were no participants for Walking Club. She asked me if I wanted to have brunch with her.

So I drove back to Boston, picked up Kim, and treated us to Low Fat No Fat. Perfect "recovery meal" after a wild night out. While we ate, we discussed last night's events. I got a good laugh as the conversation caused me to remember little details I'd forgotten.

After we ate, I returned her to town and then came home to relax and clean up a bit. I checked my e-mail and read a message from Monica. We had exchanged several e-mails over the last few days and discussed the possibility of my flying out for a visit.

I decided to think on it overnight and this morning there was a gut deep down instinct that was telling me to go. I can't explain it. I've met people from far away before and contemplated visiting them. The only ones I'd ever visited were ones within a reasonable driving distance, max of 6 hours. But I've never wrestled with flying somewhere.

Well, I went with my gut. I purchased a set of tickets for Friday, August 10th and return Monday, August 13th. I'm not sure what I'm feeling. I suppose that's why I need to go see her. Something's very different, but I'm not sure why...

Anyway, as the day went on I took a very long nap. I missed a bunch of phone calls, including one from Kristen in which she left a voice mail that made me laugh hysterically. Apparently she's got some kind of something going on with someone from out of state who will be returning and felt the need to tell me, which I appreciated.

Ha ha ha! Drama! So I returned her call and thanked her for her honesty, that I had a good time last night, and look forward to being friends with her and hanging out. Takes care of that! Hee hee hee! I love it! Never ever dull...!

So, I trying to muster up the energy to get out of my nap-induced fog and get dressed. I'm supposed to go out to Tiger Lily this evening. I'm bummed though because Liz, Tanya, Nikki, and Dany are going to Randolph's. Oh well.

Okay, I'm off...

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