Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

I tried. I really really tried.

I did. I worked so hard to make myself feel differently today. But I can't. I just wanted to-- just once-- be like everyone else. Except it's impossible. I'll never change.

I'll always feel this way (scroll down to the second half). There's just nothing anyone can do about it.


(That was so "Lifetime," I bet you thought I was ranting about something else, didn't ya??)

Seriously, how can anyone watch American Idol and stand Ryan Seacrest for more than 5 minutes?! My coworkers have been going on about the new season and how fuh-NEE the try-outs are.

I'm sorry, but they're nothing short of tragic, in my opinion. I'll even prove it. Let's take a look at some snapshots of this year's hopeless-- er, "hopefuls."

Exhibit A:

Excuse me, but what look are we going for here? Kelly Osbourne or Miss Swan??

Exhibit B:

I know exactly what the people behind this guy are thinking... "Um, there's only one Kurt Cobain and if we recall correctly, his song went 'Come As You Are,' not 'Come As Me.'"

Exhibit C:

Someone clue this girl in, please. It's American IDOL, not American EMO.

Exhibit D:

I am SO telling Cher on Busty McTa-Tas over here! (I'll save the obvious comments about her shirt)

Exhibit E:

American Idol? No. American Psycho? Yes.

Exhibit F:

From what I recall, the 7 Up Guy went out with 2001.


How many more seasons will we have to suffer through this?!
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