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Ugh... In a fog...

Wow, I feel like crappola. Actually, that's QUITE an understatement.

I went out last night, but was tired from the get-go. I picked up Kim and we zipped off to the Tiger Lily. We parked fairly close by and went inside at 11:30. It was fairly dead, but exactly 10 minutes later it was packed.

Soon most everybody from the previous evening had arrived and everyone got pretty drunk. I didn't bother drinking, it wasn't worth it. I tried to get into everything, I even danced. But next thing I knew I was having a horrendous allergy attack from all the smoke and what not.

I felt so bad, people were trying to dance with me, carry on conversations, etc. But I was feeling detatched from myself and could barely think of good responses.

You know I was pretty bad when at one point I saw a side view of a girl with dark curly short hair and I didn't bother to try and investigate. I don't think I would have even had a suitable response if asked what my name was, let alone try to think up a clever excuse to talk to her.

Finally I gave it up and left. Boy, I sure disappointed people! I guess these girls aren't used to seeing me less than anything but a bouncy ball of energy. I felt so bad, but I was just miserable.

I drove home, collapsed into bed, woke up at 8:30, felt even worse, especially my left ear, which has been waterlogged the last 2 months. I bought alcohol drops for them yesterday and it helped. But everytime I lay down, they clog. So I woke up half-deaf, had a headache from trying to relieve the ear too much yesterday, stuffy nose, next to no voice, eyes burning, and it goes on and on.

So I cancelled my Personal Training appointment with my client (so now I owe her a freebie, but I don't mind), ate breakfast, went back to bed, and, no joke, woke up at 1:15! I had 45 minutes to get to my 2 to 8 HW shift!!!

I leaped into the shower, still in a deep fog, got dressed, applied my ear drops again, ordered LFNF lunch, hopped in the car, picked up my wrap, zoomed to HW, and, by some miracle, found a parking spot right nearby. I ran inside and punched in by 2:03. Wow, LUCKY!

Anyway, I finally checked my cell phone and found a handful of messages. One was from Monica to say "hello," the other was from Chris, wondering where I was. I was supposed to go play football with her and some friends at 11:00 a.m., but obviously I never made that one. Then there a couple of "hey, how are you?" messages from a couple of other friends.

So, blah. Here I am at HW. I'm tempted to curl up and take a nap on one of the weight benches, hee hee.

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