Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

April's Puke

At first I thought this was a joke...

No 8 year old should look like this EVER.


In other news, one of my favorite LiveJournal occurences is when someone finds a very old entry and ridiculously tries to disagree with me. Today's thrilling comment comes from a rabid Avril Lavigne fan in response to this entry:

2005-04-01 00:43 (from

i think those who think avril is dumb you dont fuckin know her know what she thinks what she feels or anything so shut the fuck up you pussy ass little bitches avril kicks ass and dont fuckin say anything against me because i will tower over you in the end when it comes to avril every one is trendy dumb asses if you really felt what she sings and knew her you would be more wise than to say shit so all you fucks who dont like avril you can go to hell and i fucked your moms last night bitchs fuck YOU !!!!! AVRIL LAVIGNE IS BEAUTIFUL and that is not and out side thing i think she is a wonderful person and very beautiful inside and has a big heart i love her she is the best singer

Thank you for your insightful commentary, Anonymous. Your passion radiantly shines via your liberal use of nonsensical jibberish in your run-on sentence. And that's compelling enough reason for me to change my opinion! (but I won't) Plus I'd hate to experience the aforementioned "towering."

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