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So I finally have a bit of income and I'm using what I've accumulated to pay off my debts. It's going to be a long, slow process, but hey, it'll get done. : )

I decided I wanted to send my parents something to thank them for being there for me. I decided on flowers, but didn't want to send a bouquet because it would eventually die. So I went searching around the web and found the perfect gift: A Potted Juniper Bonsai. As described by the site, "This beautiful Juniper Bonsai is the perfect introduction to an art form that traces its roots to China. Great for anyone interested in creating nature in miniature."

What struck me about this little tree? Well, a lot of things. It's so tiny, yet lush and stands out boldly. It seems to embody strength and, while firmly attached to its roots, it branches out in different directions.

So, as corny as this is, the little tree is me. I ordered one and had it express delivered to my parents' house. The card I wrote with it thanked them for their undying love and support, especially through these last 3.5 difficult months. And that, like this tree, with patient nurturing I am finally able to stand on my own in the world and grow tall.

My Mom called me and I could tell that this gift meant a lot to her and my Dad. I think especially the fact that I'd put so much thought into it was what touched them. I'm glad. My parents deserve a lot more than a tree, but for now it'll do. : )

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