Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Where's your Pride?

Once again Pride season is upon us! With it are the typical myriad of club offerings, get-togethers and, of course, the parade.

Last year was certainly full of many, many surprises and adventures (some of which were QUITE unexpected). This year looks like it will be a little more on the low-key side for me, since I won't be participating in the parade like I had for the last few years, nor am I involving myself with impossible straight girls.

So, that said, I received a number of e-flyers advertising several club events for this week and weekend. The best of all was the one for Tribe (which you might remember via a post from a few months ago):

forgive me, I was unable to post the flyer exactly as it appeared where I found it... but essentially it had this picture and then the details

Thursday, June 9th

Pride KICK-OFF Party
Special promo event: This week get 4 Rolling Rocks for $12 and complimentary rainbow-colored shots.
8PM - 2AM
$5 cover, 21+

Per usual whenever it comes to my reading anything regarding this club, I laughed and laughed. What's with the chick in the unitard and high-heeled boots climbing a rope? Is this year's theme "Gymnatics Meets Cowgirl Meets Cirque Du Soleil?"

Now the $12 offer was the kicker. Rainbow-colored shots? Does that mean for all 6 colors of the rainbow, you get 6 shots, on top of 4 beers? (albeit, Rolling Rock is like water, but still...) Either the Tribe promoters are trying to give members of the lesbian community alcohol poisoning, or else attempting to provide the more "unfortunate-looking" women a chance at scoring. Regardless of their motives, I was wildly amused.

And in case that graphic of the rope climber wasn't enough...

...they've got Charlie's Angels-esque silhouettes to further entice you!

Also, to ensure that you have no trouble finding the place, here's their tourist-like map:

Perhaps someone informed the promoter that telling patrons, "we suggest you go to for directions. it worked for us :)" isn't really an effective marketing tactic. I do adore their little icons... a rainbow for Esme and a savage-looking "T" for Tribe. (lest you forget my theory on why the name Tribe. I swear I'm accurate: Why the name "TRIBE?" Well, naturally we needed a title to emulate the savage behavior that can result when lesbian cliques don't get along... so if you are smart, you will pledge your loyalty and join our TRIBE, vowing to engage in battle against the evil Toast.)

Being that I'm not one to follow any cult-like groups (you hear me, newly converted Scientologist Katie Holmes??), I'm going to go attend the aforementioned Toast.

Naturally the flyer isn't that much better than Tribe's, but hey... I like the music they're advertising (you hear me, outdated train-wrecking DJ Gay Jim??) and some of my cover charge will benefit charitable organizations.

So, to close out this typically bitchy, overly-critical post, I say, "Happy Pride 2005, Boston!"

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