Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Tribal Groping

You might want to make sure you're sitting down for this. Are you ready?


So I did it. Last night I went to Tribe. It wasn't on purpose, mind you. I had gone to Toast with Tina and a few of her friends, but after an hour, we were bored. And when we and the other 9 patrons that were there realized that it was Thursday night of Pride week and we were at a bar, watching The National Jump Rope Competition on ESPN, well, we knew something had to be done. (ie- go to Tribe where most people were. It was a shame, too, because Toast's music was REALLY good.)

So Tina and I followed 3 others downtown, parked in an overpriced lot and headed inside the club. Instant insanity.

The last time I'd been to the venue in which Tribe is hosted was back in the late summer when I met Rick. So it was certainly different to arrive on the top floor and have it be wall to wall women!

There's a lot I could say about the club itself, but I'll focus on the one thing that I'd never experienced at a women's club in my whole life- The constant, blatant molestation. And that's no exaggeration.

At first I didn't think anything of it... the club was crowded and so naturally people are bound to brush their hands or other body parts against your butt or your boobs. But the third time somebody squeezed my ass while walking by was disturbing. And I could never pinpoint the culprit. It was always someone different.

At one point I felt finger tips lightly grazing the length of my right arm from behind, up and down. I smiled and didn't look behind me, but instead moved my hand until my finger tips met the ones touching me. Then I turned as the finger tips began to lace themselves through my fingers. When I finished my 180 degree rotation I was not face to face with Tina, as I'd expected, but rather a mousey-looking brunette.

Startled, I whipped my hand back. I was so stunned, the best I could muster was, "Hey. I don't know you!"

Wordlessly, Mousey walked away. I was flabbergasted. I mean, I've had people come up and dance with me or engage in conversation, or whatever. But sensually touching me as if we were together was a new one.

About 5 minutes later, just as I'd recovered from the Mousey Incident, I experienced my next startling first. Some random stranger not only ran their hand down my side, they slid their finger inside the waistband of my jeans AND my thong and sort of ran their finger along the length of the underwear waistband until I jumped forward. Again, I couldn't figure out who it was. There were so many people, I couldn't even begin to guess. And none of them were even looking directly at me.

Tina had it a little worse, however. She's got, well, "a perfect stack" in front, so that was pretty much a "hands magnet." It was ridiculous. We were trying to walk through the crowd in order to find her friends and we were getting nowhere. Too many hand roadblocks.

"I'm leading," I shouted to Tina. "This is insane."

Me and my modest B's shoved our way over to where 5 of her friends were standing. We then tried to dance, but I noticed a few hands were then suddenly magnetized to Tina's ass.


And the night went on like that. All in all, Tribe wasn't that bad, aside from the Savage Groping. (I'd like to hope it was a result of those $12 Rolling Rocks & Rainbow Shots) I'll probably go there again... though perhaps I need one of those tazers to keep the Grabbers at bay. Sheesh.

P.S.- There were no "porn star" boot-clad Cirque Du Soleil gymnasts on ropes at Tribe. I was simply shocked by this.
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