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Liz Erk

Found guilty of animal abuse? Great! Here are your cats back...

For those of you who didn't hear about or follow this story, this links to details about Heidi Erickson and how she got away with torturing cats and her dog, not to mention the residents around her. Here is some further information.

This case went on for a couple years and she was finally found guilty on 6 counts of animal cruelty for the mistreatment of her Great Dane (who has since died) and 5 Persian cats (one of which also died). So can someone please explain to me why she was given back the 4 remaining cats???

Woman accused of animal cruelty gets four cats back
By O’Ryan Johnson
Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - Updated: 08:08 AM EST

The woman who authorities said cut up more than 60 cats, was yesterday reunited with four cats that police seized more than two years ago, according to reports.

Heidi Erickson was convicted of animal cruelty for mistreating the four animals in her Boston apartment. Police raided her home discovering five dozen cat carcasses in a freezer in April 2003. She was barred from owning animals in Boston.

But two weeks ago, a judge ruled that since Erickson is no longer a Boston resident, returning the cats to her would not violate the court order.

Erickson told WHDH-TV this was the end of a ``nightmare.''

``I don't think I could ever replace the emptiness in my heart,'' she said.

Scott Giacoppo, spokesman for the MSPCA, said anyone convicted of animal cruelty cannot license a dog for two years, but is allowed to own cats.

How does this make any sense?? So... let's turn this into the context of people... if someone was convicted of child abuse in Massachusetts, but moved to New Hampshire, they should get their kids back? Oh, but wait, if they were convicted, they shouldn't be allowed to have custody of girls for a few years, but can have boys?

That's what this ruling says to me. That cats don't count as abuse victims, but it doesn't matter either way if you move out of the jurisdiction.

This photo depicting one of the cats confiscated in the initial raid should speak volumes as to whether or not Heidi Erickson is fit to own any animals at all:

Heidi Erickson is disgusting, along with the judicial system that allows the abuse to continue.

And on a side note, people like her are the reason why the feral cat population is out of control. The street where she lived in Watertown is overrun with cats because she allowed many of the cats outdoors without them having been spayed or neutered.

Clearly Bob Barker's PSA at the end of every Price is Right didn't reach Heidi.

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