Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

My Strife. My Card.

I love Ellen. I really do. But this is tragic.

Oh well, I suppose there's nothing worse than the McDonald's campaign. I think I'd be more disturbed if Ellen pranced around singing "ba-duh ba-ba-baaaa..." Although it'd be funny if they took their Asian campaign and did a "sexual orientation" version. "Ba-duh ba-ba-baaaa... I'm a lesbian!"

Looks like Burger King's already got the gay men demographic covered:

So guess I can't be too upset with the American Express thing. "My Life. My card." is way better than "Fruit Buzz." (Take some notes, DDB Chicago.)

How fun would it be if they took the Ellen DeGeneres dance thing a step further and pitted her against George W. or, better yet, the Star Wars Kid for a "battle" game??

*note to self: after learning Photoshop, learn Flash!*
Tags: burger king, ellen degeneres, fruit buzz, my life my card, star wars kid

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