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The Push...

So I've begun playing phone tag with Monica, hee hee. I dunno, she said she's bored with the Chicago gay scene, but I think she'd be horrified by the sad-ass "Boston Scene." (Does it even qualify as a 'scene??')

She directed me to this link that has pics of her and her band, "The Push" performing at a recent show:

After looking at the pictures that had her in it (she's got the curly short hair and flowered dress), I poked arond the rest of the site. The fact that an individual could dedicate an entire site to the Chicago lesbian community speaks volumes. And another thing, the Chicago girls are HOT!

I can't get over how cute Monica is! I'm really looking forward to the 10th. Mostly because I need to see what caused the deep-down nag that urged me to buy the plane tickets and use vacation days this early into my new job, but also because she's such a sweetie!!


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