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The Midwestern Lure...

G and I conversed via AIM regarding my trip to Chicago:

G: i don't think u should go to chicago.
LizzyErky: why on earth not??
LizzyErky: G, she's amazing!
G: because you WON'T come back.
G: i am going to be frank: it's an AMAZING city
LizzyErky: Yes, I will. In fact, she and her band are considering a move here.
LizzyErky: So I'm going to see if "sparks fly" between us
LizzyErky: and if so, try to
LizzyErky: be as convincing as possible.
LizzyErky: I can't leave the East Coast yet.
G: i have such a hard time leaving each time I visit
LizzyErky: I'm not ready, so you won't lose me to the MidWest.
LizzyErky: I've only been to Chicago once but I hated it.
LizzyErky: I went to see the first girl I ever dated.
G: yeah but there is _something_ about Chi-town that just wraps you up. It's an unbelieveable place.
LizzyErky: I have a feeling I'll like it better this time around.
LizzyErky: I'll be careful, and you'll have to call my cell phone
LizzyErky: to make sure I'm still "down to earth."

Hmmm. I'm sure I'll have a great time, but the truth is, the same thing that's kept me from taking off to the West Coast is what will keep me from ever considering a move to Chicago: My family.

I can't imagine not being able to jump in the car and see everyone. Bad enough it's about 3 hours to NY and 5 to NJ. But having to plan flights and such? No way. I'd die from guilt and homesickness.

So here I stay... I'll cross any "relationship dilemna" bridges when I come to them... : )
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