Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

It's that time again...

Tina and I picked up the yearly foster litter from the shelter this past Friday. However, things are slightly different this time. The litter we picked up has two boys and one girl, about 5 months old. They were captured when they were around three months old, which means they have a slight fear of people. The shelter had volunteers who came in every night to hold the kittens and get them used to human interaction, so they have certainly come a long way. Up until now they had been living in a cage, so at this stage they'll get used to having a huge space to run around and get spoiled by us.

The reason we got this particular litter was because the shelter is taking in 30 cats that were left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. My cats always do well with kittens, but not with older cats. So I figured I'd help the shelter out by taking on this litter, making room for the new comers.

And here are our guests for the next two months:

These two were too scared to come out of the carrier for the first few hours

This little guy thought he was clever and hid in between my shower curtain and tub

They're really cute... two boy tigers, one with double-paws and an all-black half-Siamese girl, also with double paws.

While we were waiting for Sheera, the shelter director to load the kittens into our carrier, this tiny gray tiger cat kept racing all around the shelter, meowing and chirping. Everywhere we'd step, there was the kitten. Sheera said she was about three months old and had been hand-raised, so she loves people. In fact, she wouldn't leave Tina alone. Tina had picked her up and started petting her, causing the kitten to begin purring quite loudly. If Tina put her down, she'd follow her and squeak until Tina picked her up again.

Needless to say, she ended up coming home with us. She sat in Tina's lap, chatting for the entire ride home. Tina was holding her and said, "Whew, she needs a bath. She's all dusty from the shelter."

That conversation led to us agreeing that she should be called "Dustee."

Once we arrived home, Dustee took over. She explored every inch of the house. And if she got lost, we'd hear her yell until we called to her. Then she'd come running to wherever we were. She even shoved Mia out of the way when she wanted a snack.

Mia and Cora have already accepted her and the three of them are having a ball. Cora in particular:

Dustee has also been helping me and Tina socialize the other three kittens. They all really like her so we leave her in the bedroom with them from time to time and overnight. (She's too rambuncious late at night, so we get no sleep with her running loose)

Last night Tina and I played ball with Dustee while the others watched. Within 10 minutes the other three started darting out to try and play with the ball, too. Though if they got too close, they'd run and hide, then peek at us for a little while before trying to play again.

I have no doubt they'll be loving us within two weeks. I especially can't wait until their new climber arrives tomorrow. Then hopefully they'll stop using my dresser as a jungle gym. (I had to rescue a dangling Dustee this morning. She tried to jump up, but didn't quite make it, so she hung on by her front paws and yowled.)

So! Busy busy in the Erk-Leger household once again! But of course we're loving every second. :-)

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