Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Parting is such...

Well, I know I said before that I couldn't, but I really had to make it happen. Yes, that's right. I got rid of my Xterra.

It was a devastating decision, but really... I'd rather have a house. I couldn't justify the $125+ a week in gas, so I sucked it up, took a slight loss on the trade and am now the (reluctant) proud owner of a 2004 "gay blue" Nissan Sentra!

I have to admit, I actually like driving a car! Initially I felt like I was sitting on the ground, but that's because I was accustomed to over 5 years of driving an SUV. And the first time I drove it at night I briefly thought I was permanently blinded by the truck headlights that flashed in the rearview mirror. But hey, the 35 MPG and significanly cheaper car payments are nice perks, as is being able to park just about anywhere!

However, there is one problem: the sound system. While I can get used to driving with my ass practically on the road, I can't get used to mediocre audio. And those of you who know me in real life are familiar with what was once "Club Erk on Wheels."

Taking the subwoofer and amp out of the Xterra proved to be an adventure. I had paid to have it installed, so I was at a loss as for how to go about removing it. The car dealer said that they didn't want to be liable, which meant I was on my own. Well, not really... when in doubt about anything that requires tools it's, "Tiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Can you help meeeeee??"

I was able to disconnect the subwoofer, but as for the amp... forget it. Too many screws and wires.

Tina on the other hand had it removed within 5 minutes. But of course it wouldn't be my car without some drama. We nearly blew up the darn thing once the wires were out of the amp. Fun fact: did you know that even with the car turned off, the wires are still live??? A loud pop followed by a huge blue explosion of sparks and we were most certainly informed.

Anyway, now that I've got my teeny little car, I'm currently investigating having a new sound system installed. The subwoofer needs to be upgraded, but I'd like to try and use the amp I had. But no matter what, my mobile dance club will return! (Just on a smaller -- and bluer-- scale.)
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