Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"I'm gonna help you with the door, shortie..."

Halloween was something else. Actually, the whole weekend was quite an adventure. First it was snow on Saturday.

My ficus still hasn't forgiven me... I need to re-pot the darn thing and bring it in. I so do NOT have a green thumb.

Saturday I didn't work at the club in costume and it was definitely a good thing. It was freezing out! Checking IDs at the door in that weather would have been brutal if I was just wearing my MuuMuu.

And OHMYGOD. Every bizarre thing that could have possibly happened, did. From the squirrel that somehow got in and then scratched some poor lady to the DJ's fog machine setting off the fire alarms at 11:30 p.m., which resulted in us having to evacuate the building... ugh. (Thankfully one of our distributor reps was there so she gave everyone a free beer upon re-entry. It's amazing how that's all it took to make people happy!)

In the midst of all the chaos in ushering people out of the building, I was paid a surprise visit by alleged and his girlfriend. I felt so bad, I could barely say hello. What a way to introduce myself to someone's significant other for the first time! "Hi, I'm evacuating about 200 drunk people right now, but it's great to meet you...!"

Anyway, Sunday was pretty mellow. It was Halloween itself that was insane. I got dolled up in my Miss Swan attire. Observe:

And here's the Original Miss Swan:

Not too bad, right?? A LOT of people recognized the character while I was working the door. Several of them asked me to pose for pictures with them, it was hilarious! But as the night wore on things got a little out of hand.

By 10:30 we were at capacity. The fire department came to make a surprise inspection at 10:45, but we passed with flying colors. Unfortunately by 11:00 it was obvious that we were under-staffed in the security department. I had an angry mob of about 50 people wanting to get in and I was the only person between them and the club entrance for a while. Thankfully the DJ had a rather large entourage which also included a 6'8" black guy. He was amazing! He wore all black, had dark sunglasses and this cool hat.

"I'm gonna help you with the door, shortie," he said as he joined me in the entrance.

And boy was it not a moment too soon. Within 5 minutes a drunk girl in a crazy pink wig demanded to be let in. When the guy said she'd have to wait in line, she started screaming and tried to rush past him. He blocked her and she bounced off him. It was like watching a tennis ball charge a utility pole. My jaw dropped as she attempted to punch him. "Now you ain't gettin' in at all, bitch," he laughed at her.

He and a couple others in the DJ entourage had to break up 2 fights and help me throw some people out. At one point one of the guys that tried to punch someone else attempted to walk out the door with a drink in his hand.

"You can't take that outside with you," I objected. As I said that, I dropped my little counter that I was using to monitor how many patrons we had. I bent down to pick it up just as said drink whizzed over my head. He had thrown it at the guy he had been fighting with, hitting him and one of the other bouncers in the face.


The rest of the evening was just insane, but by 12:00 we had managed to empty out the club without too much of a problem. (The previous owner had gotten in trouble for a number of violations, including serving people underage, so until his issues get resolved, we're stuck with a midnight-only license) Tina and I left the club about 45 minutes later and watched as one of the guys I had thrown out was arrested and loaded into a paddy wagon.

It's hard to tell here, but if you look closely, you can see the guy smiling for my camera.

So that was my weekend. Being the club's head of security is certainly exciting. I know it's Salem and with Halloween it was supposed to get a little hectic, but geez! It's suburban Massachusetts!!

At any rate, my life is by no means dull.
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