Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

La La Laaaa La La Laaaa, La La La-La Laaaaaa...

Happy Days-Start-Getting-Longer Day!!!

I have no idea what's happening in this graphic

In other news, The Hair Covered One has jumped ship and joined the Yankees.

This ought to make things interesting in the world of baseball. (And yes, I grew up in NY, so I'm still true my roots...) But what I really want to know is, will the Yankees force Johnny to cut his hair and shave??

Damon expressed much warmer feelings about the Yankees, and he expressed no reservations about their much stricter rules. "I would cut the hair and I would stay clean-shaven," Damon said. "George Steinbrenner has the policy for a reason, and you have to respect that. I've never been one to challenge authority."

A cleaner-looking JD, circa 2002

I sincerely hope so.
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