Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Looking back...

I do it every year, this one's no different... I hereby present 2005's annual report:


The BEST: Meeting Tina.
The WORST: Wasting my time.


The BEST: Trip to NC.
The WORST: Nothing.

MARCH 2005:

The BEST: Nothing to speak of.
The WORST: Discovering my roommate was a thieving psycho.

APRIL 2005

The BEST: The court ordering psycho thieving roommate out and Tina moving in.
The WORST: Tina's cat dying.

MAY 2005

The BEST: Business trip with Tina.
The WORST: Neighbor's house burning down.

JUNE 2005

The BEST: Pride.
The WORST: Crazy Cat Lady getting her cats back.

JULY 2005

The BEST: Trip to the Cape.
The WORST: Nothing.


The BEST: 6 month anniversary.
The WORST: Nothing.


The BEST: Closing on my house.
The WORST: Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath.


The BEST: Pimpin' out my new-used Sentra's sound system.
The WORST: Getting rid of the Xterra.


The BEST: Working at the club.
The WORST: Nothing.


The BEST: Landing the new job!!
The WORST: Making the decision to leave my agency.

2005 was definitely a "banner year." The tough times of 2001 (and early 2002) seem so incredibly long ago. But then again, I'm also in a bit of shock that I'm already 29. Life is just flying by. But all I can do is keep moving forward and hope that things stay on the "positive track."

Happy New Year, everyone!

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