Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

Good TV is Here Again!

I typically HATE winter, but between the new season of The L Word and Lost, this cold dreary time of year is going to fly by!

This past Sunday Tina and I went to a friend's for an L Word party. The season premier was more than I expected and I think this season will be even better than the last. (I have to admit, a few episodes from Season 2 were quite disappointing)

Honestly, gay or not, if you have Showtime, you should check out The L Word. It's even better than Desperate Housewives!

There is one consistent negative to The L Word that I brought up after seeing the first episode 2 years ago.

That's right, Shane's hair. What a tragedy. Can't someone help her???

I really wish they'd have an episode where the guys from Queer Eye kidnap Shane and do a makeover.

Anyway, I had also mentioned Lost. What a brilliant show! The character development is excellent and the writing is superb.

Of course, it does have its moments where I find myself saying out loud, "Hurry up, already...!" But it doesn't matter. I'm hooked!

Now I can only hope tonight's new episode of Smallville can deliver. Then this winter will truly be "survivable."
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