Liz Erk (lizerk) wrote,
Liz Erk

"MySpace Deaths"

Don't even ask me how I stumbled upon this community, but I'm totally fascinated.

Of course Jake Robida made the roster.

But the most interesting thing I got out of that was the MySpace profile of Jennifer Bailey, the woman he killed.

Media reports all say she was 33, so who knows why her profile says 25. Probably so it wouldn't look so weird that she was hooking up with 18 years olds, I dunno. At any rate, it's horrible that her three kids are now without their mother.

**Edit: The above link to the article about Jennifer Bailey seems to be having trouble, so here's an updated report from this morning's Boston Globe.

**Edit #2: Because of my work with InterAct Public Safety Systems I follow police and general first-responder news and websites very closely. The articles and postings about Gassville Officer Jim Sell are just so sad.

I am SO sick of Jake's friends trying to say what a great guy he was and how people don't have the right to "post bullshit" about him. Well guess what, we didn't know the Jake you did. We only know the one who destroyed many lives, so the reality is that we're all going to keep talking.

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